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/Pirotecnia Lara – Entertainment

Beauty and lots of color in different pyrotechnic shows!

Now, fireworks are a must when it comes to any event or celebration; land we shoot fireworks, water, flight and perform musical fireworks.
We work to encourage and magic fill, color and sound all kinds of events both public and private: holidays, wedding, communions, anniversaries, conventions, festivals, presentations, openings, closures, sporting events, entertainment, piromusicales.
For public events include, among all our products:
  • Castles of aerial fireworks, terrestrial, water and pyro signs.
  • Mascletás.
  • Piromusicales.
  • Shots pirodigital.
  • Multimedia entertainment.
  • Various fireworks displays.

When you need pyrotechnic and multimedia shows, go to our facilities, where we will gladly attend you and solve all your queries.